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Photo: Jake Ingle


BEAR FEET CO. is obsessed with good socks and the adventures they take you on. Our socks are made for comfort and made to roam.


BEAR FEET Company creates quality + comfortable socks for anywhere your feet may take you.  We are social. We are responsible. We are real. We are hoping to be your new favorite socks.



BEAR FEET CO. is a small independently owned business in New England. We have built our brand on the backs of our personal savings and hard work. We sell direct to consumer in order to keep our prices low. We support independent ambassadors to share our products rather than spend money on large campaigns. Thank you for supporting our business! 



All BEAR FEET socks are made to regulate the temperature of your feet to keep you dry from sweat. We are also working on compression socks and sleeves for better performance on the trail. We use quality fabrics and professional knitters to create the best socks for your feet. 

Many of our socks are all made with Merino Wool. Check out our guide on Why Buy Merino Wool Socks.



All BEAR FEET socks come with our HAPPY FEET GUARANTEE: We promise you will love your socks and they will last on all your adventures.  If you do not love them, simply send them back within 30 days. BEAR FEET socks are made for comfort and made to roam. We promise you will love them. 



We are a social brand and love to engage with our friends and followers. Tag us on all your adventures. USE #MADETOROAM on social media and we'll find you. We love sharing photos of our friends and finding inspiration from others. We also appreciate feedback. Reach out with any thoughts, suggestions, or your favorite new tune.



Every two weeks (or so) we compile our favorite photos, adventures, campfire stories (and more) into an email sent only to our best friends. These are typically random finds from the trails so we call it BEAR SCAT. Also, all subscribers get 15% off our socks. Signup or send us your story



When do orders ship?
All orders leave our shop the next day and are delivered via USPS. Depending upon where you live in relation to Boston, Massachusetts - orders can take up to 3-5 days to arrive. 

What size should I order? What if it does not fit?
Each sock has a size guide that uses your shoe size to find the correct fit. If you need a different size, contact us for a free exchange. 

We offer free returns and exchanges on orders within 30 days. Contact us for more info. 

Any other questions - contact us


Bear Feet Co. is located in Massachusetts, USA. All socks are designed and shipped from our HQ. Our mailing address is PO BOX 743, Rutland, Massachusetts 01543.